Thursday, 8 May 2014

My new Bridal collection is blossoming

On this lush wet day the garden outside my workshop is all in greens and greys and tiny flowers are beginning to emerge, covered in shining raindrops like beads. I'm inspired and thinking of my wedding day as I develop my new bridal collection. I'm using my favourite satin colours, a lovely range of subtle ivories and creamy candy colours perfect for light sparkling cherry blossoms. This is one of my works in progress and I love the new flower shapes I've been developing. The tiny gold plated dragonfly and the bright gold Swarovski crystals and pearls lend a luxury air to this simple,delicate pretty band, perfect for brides and bridesmaids of all ages.

These are the pieces I developed for my own wedding earlier this year. I was inspired by the galaxy to work in pure golds and star shapes, making adjustable pieces to fit all my gorgeous bridesmaids. Here we all are having the most wonderful day!